✓ Our Expertise

We represent a unique and powerful combination of telecommunications, real estate and finance expertise, providing telecommunications property marketing and consulting services exclusively on behalf of public and private landowners.

✓ We work for you

We act as your exclusive representative/advisor with respect to all issues that may arise during the term of the cell site lease agreement. We review and negotiate terms and conditions of the cell site lease agreement.

✓ We save you time

We save you the time of trying to market your site to each carrier individually which will most likely never make it to the appropriate department or representative within the cell phone company for review.

✓ We set reasonable expectations

We set reasonable expectations for each of our clients and do not take on properties unless we genuinely feel that the cell phone carriers will be interested in the property.

✓ We protect the aesthetics of your property

Placement of antennas and equipment on a rooftop is the most critical decision with regard to a telecommunication installation. We know how to protect the aesthetics of your property by moving equipment that can be seen from the street. Proper antenna spacing and placement helps to disguise an installation. We incorporate methods of disguising the antennas with stealth technology, including painting the antennas and mounting them flush with the building. These additional tenant-focused improvements are not offered by Cell Phone companies.

We also incorporate the existing architecture of the property to minimize the visibility of the antennas and equipment both from the front of the property and the view of existing tenants. We have incorporated fiberglass enclosures that resemble air conditioners or penthouse bulkhead extensions and have used trees and shrubs to hide extensions.


"Airwave Strategies really earns their fee!"

"ASI looks out for a landlord's interests."

"Airwave Strategies represents property owners when working with engineers,
field reps and contractors."

"ASI attends every pre-construction meeting and they're very easy to work with!"

✓ We have long-standing relationships with acquisition firms / agents

In providing service to thousands of clients over the past fifteen years, ASI has established relationships with many of the site acquisition firms and leasing agents in various states across the country representing the major carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Metro PCS.

We have worked with many of these firms on multiple occasions and because of our familiarity, we are frequently recommended by them to new clients. Accordingly, where a gap in coverage in a given community may exist and where we believe that a client's property may fill such a gap, we have the ability to put forth a client’s property for consideration.

We have developed a master database of potential cell sites that we map in a format that's compatible with the cell site carrier's radio frequency software. This ensures that your location ends up listed in their database, where wireless cellular carriers can easily assess your property to determine its feasibility for their purposes.

✓ We know carriers requirements

Having previously performed site acquisition services, we know the cellular carriers requirements are. We provide all cell site location data, which allows the cellular carrier to pick multiple sites that best meets their radio frequency objectives.

✓ We only get paid when we find you a carrier

We don't get paid unless we find you a carrier for your property - we analyze your property to determine a fair market rental amount to be paid by the cell site carrier.