"Their agent typically already has a starting lease rate in mind... "

Are you interested in leasing your property to a Telecom Company? 

The first time a wireless carrier or tower company approaches a landowner, they use a site acquisition agent to contact the landowner. Their agent typically already has a starting lease rate in mind when they knock on your door to start negotiations. Because most property owners have never negotiated a lease for antennas and equipment space, they can be at a real disadvantage in negotiating the lease. The many nuances of Telecom Real Estate can only be learned by negotiating leases over many years.

Because of the long-term nature of these leases, mistakes can be more severe and affect your business over several years. Talk to us and arm yourself with the experience and knowledge to get fair market value for your property.

AirWave Strategies Inc. has been negotiating telecom leases for over 20 years. We know the motivations of site acquisition agents. They are looking for a quick deal because they are paid on a milestone basis. They also are required to locate three competing buildings. Because we represent over 1,500 properties, these agents have an incentive to work with us over an individual property owner. We know how to expedite the lease process; time is not wasted trying to chase unreasonable lease clauses, because we know what the carrier has agreed to in the past. We know the fair market value of your property, we know the markets, and we know the carrier’s budget in each market.

What we will do for you:

Review the Potential Lease: We will evaluate the terms and language of the contract and explain the short and long term effects the contract will have on you and your property.

Provide Fair Market Valuation: We will analyze the current market to determine how valuable and unique your property is relative to other available options. We will also assess the probability of future expansions to your lease and the likelihood that the lease will be extended at the end of its current term. We will determine what the fair market value of your lease is. We will then recommend rent, escalation and revenue sharing (if applicable) amounts, taking into consideration net present value and future trends.

Assist with Negotiations: We will handle the negotiation on your behalf or provide you with the required information you need to handle it yourself.