"We will manage your facility while working to increase revenue..."

AirWave Strategies provides cell tower site management services for tower operators and owners.

We will not only manage your facility, we will also handle all inquiries and negotiations, both with existing tenants and new tenants. While managing your property, we also actively market your facility, convincing other users to collocate on your tower in order to increase the revenue on your tower.

If you would prefer not to be pestered by the lease buyout companies or the lease optimization companies constantly calling you, we will deal with those inquiries as well.

What we will do for you:

Lease Payment Evaluation: We will monitor your cell tower lease agreements to assure that you are receiving the appropriate compensation due under the cell tower lease.

In the event we find that your cell tower leases are not paying what they should or that the wireless tenant has used more space or added more equipment than allowed, we will notify the carrier of the deficiency and help to collect any unpaid or underpaid lease payments. Alternatively, we will work with the carrier to have them remove the equipment or antennas in violation of the lease.

Fair Market Value Assessment: We will monitor how your lease compares to other leases in your market and nationwide.

Equipment & Antenna Audit: We will monitor your site for new equipment. We have found that some of the wireless carriers will add equipment or expand the lease area without authorization or compensation. In some cases, this is simply a mistake, but in others, we have caught the carriers intentionally trying to avoid additional payments.

Payment of Taxes & Other Fees: Many leases require the wireless carrier to pay additional compensation for various taxes, electricity charges or fees. In some states, sales tax may be required on the lease payments and that may be the responsibility of the wireless tenant. We will confirm whether the carrier is paying their fair share of these additional responsibilities.

Lease Renewal Negotiations: If your cell site leases come up for renewal or you are on a month-to-month or year-to-year term, we will counsel you on how best to renew the leases and what the appropriate amount should be for the renewal. We will negotiate the extension with the wireless carrier on your behalf.