"For your site to be considered, it has to be desirable to carriers. They look for..."

Building Rooftops

✓ Is your building taller or as tall as other buildings nearby?

Your building must be taller or as tall as other buildings nearby. If your building is shorter than nearby buildings, it would be very rare for a carrier to select a short building when there is a taller one nearby.

Urban areas: In urban areas, such as New York City, it is preferable to be either the tallest building in a few block radius or a corner building.
Suburban areas: In suburban areas, your building must exceed the height of other buildings within 1 mile.
Rural areas: Your building must be at least 50' tall to be considered.

✓ Is your building a minimum of 3 stories?

Your building must be a minimum of 3 stories anywhere; Urban, Suburban or Rural.

✓ Does your building have a flat roof pitch?

Your building must have a flat roof pitch. If your roof is slanted, the carriers will not be interested.

Raw Land Sites (Land parcels)

✓ Is your land different from the adjacent parcels?

Your land must be different from the adjacent parcels. If you live on a 5 acre residential parcel surrounded by other 5 acre residential parcels, there is no advantage to your property. Ask yourself whether a wireless carrier could simply go to your neighbor and get a lease. If the answer is no, then your location qualifies. If the answer is yes, then your location does not qualify.

The exception to this is if you have a parcel or contiguous parcels of more than 300 acres.

✓ Is your parcel near major roadways?

Your land must be near major roadways. If your parcel is in a desolate area, ask yourself why a carrier would want to provide coverage in the area. If it is not near a major roadway (2 lanes each way) and there aren't thousands people within 2 miles of the property, than we aren't interested. The carriers want to be near population- either people working or living in the area or those traveling through the area.

✓ Is your parcel at least 200 feet x 200 feet?

Your land must be at least 200'x200'. Smaller parcels are not large enough to meet the setback requirements (distance from property line) required for towers for most municipalities.

 ✓ Is your land zonable?

Your land must be zonable. If you live in a rural area where there is no zoning and you can build what you want on your property, you do not qualify. For the same reason as the first criteria, there is nothing that distinguishes you from your neighbor. If you don't know, please contact your local municipality and ask the planning and zoning office whether a tower can be built on your property.

✓ Do you have electricity and telephone service on the property?

You must have electricity and telephone service on property, otherwise the carriers won't use it. FYI- having fiber on property is a bonus!

✓ Does your property have some ground elevation?

You don't need to be the tallest property in the county. However, you do need to have a superior elevation to the area that is being covered and to the other properties nearby. If your area is flat for miles, then that is acceptable.