We represent a unique, powerful combination of telecom, real estate & finance expertise.

About Us

We are a full service telecommunication tower and rooftop consulting firm. Our services include negotiating the lease on your behalf, planning the construction to maximize your land or rooftop space and preserve its aesthetics. We insure that everything is completed to the specifications of the construction drawings.

Properties that have the potential to be successful telecommunication sites can earn additional income. We represent all the major carriers and know exactly what they are looking for. With our help, we will find a carrier interested in your property.

We offer a value-added program that has no up-front cost or risk to you. AirWave Strategies bears the cost of providing its comprehensive marketing, technical and management services. Our fees are entirely contingent upon performance. 

J. Jonathan Russo, Founding Principal

Mr. Russo’s experience began with real estate consulting firm Kenneth Leventhal & Co. (Ernst & Young) where he represented major real estate institutions and developers throughout the US. He developed workout strategies for real estate developers and restructured bank real estate portfolios. Additionally, he developed computer models for acquiring and developing of real estate projects and provided valuations of RTC assets in connection with the sale of loan portfolios.

Joining Bankers Trust Company as a telecommunication and real estate analyst, he prepared cash flow projections and evaluated loan restructuring and refinancing alternatives for commercial and residential properties. He monitored commercial mortgages and owned real estate portfolios to establish credit reserves and identify market risk. He also evaluated commercial lease transactions for lender approval and prepared market research and economic analysis for bank owned investments.

Mr. Russo is a CPA, has a BS in Accounting and has a Masters in Real Estate.

A Word From Jay

In 1994, I was working for Sprint Wireless and my job was to approach property owners to explain to them that we wanted to lease space on their roof top for cell towers. I was amazed at the unfair advantage I held against the owners – I was a full time telecom leasing consultant and most of the owners had never negotiated a lease for antennas and rooftop rights.

After my first year, I decided to jump the fence and strictly represent owners, because I felt that they were at a disadvantage negotiating against a full-time telecom site acquisition agent. In 1995, I started AirWave Strategies, a full service rooftop and tower site leasing and consulting company, in order to level the paying field.

Because we are in the market all day, every day, we know the fair market value of each lease.

Today, we represent over 1,500 property owners protecting them from large publicly-traded wireless carriers, cell tower companies and lease buyout companies.