"Our goal.. maximize available space and create an aesthetically pleasing design."

Cell site engineering is an art and a science. 

Our goal is to provide a cell site engineering solution that not only maximizes your property's available space but also creates an aesthetically pleasing design.

These changes can be accomplished most effectively if the site is properly planned prior to the first wireless carrier taking occupancy. It is often possible to locate several carriers on a single property. Also, note that additional tenant-directed aesthetically pleasing improvements, like those that conceal a cell site from the street, are not offered by cell phone companies and will need to be negotiated into a lease prior to full execution. As experts, we know what the cell site will look like before and after equipment is installed, so we know what changes should be made to your property to make it look attractive.

Low-profile duct work hides unsightly cables, etc.

Low-profile duct work hides unsightly cables, etc.

Surround hides cell equipment from street view.

Surround hides cell equipment from street view.

What we will do for you:

Perform a Cell Site Engineering Analysis: We will perform tests – a co-channel and adjacent channel inter-modulation or radio frequency interference study to determine the frequency compatibility of systems at your site and the likelihood of interference from proposed new systems – to determine where and how we can reduce the number of antennas needed to operate equipment at your site.

Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Design: When designing a cell site, we take extreme care to preserve the appearance of a building. There are many ways to conceal a cell site from the street or from tenants using a rooftop deck. We will paint antennas to match the existing building or use concealment technology to cover a cell site with radio frequency-friendly materials that make the cell site look like a part of the building.

Secure Permits: We will assist in filing for and obtaining all required building permits and completion certificates. We comply with all applicable governmental regulations controlling each site. We have a thorough knowledge of building and zoning code regulations and have developed an excellent relationship with many officials at the state, county, and local governments, enabling us to secure permits and approvals in an expedient manner.

We will make sure that the owner of the property does not incur any expense in filing a building permit. We will also make sure that the filing is accurate and construction is completed in accordance with the construction drawings. We oversee all construction and completion certificates and make that all open permits are closed and a certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Site Coordination: Prior to any site installation work – new or existing, our firm will perform an in-depth site analysis and relocate antennas or mounting hardware as necessary. Additionally, we will ensure that each site complies with all governmental regulations. We will review the needs of your property to insure that its systems will not be interfered with or compromised.

Review and Oversight: We will coordinate and monitor all phases of equipment and antenna installations. We will review and approve all plans and licensee contractors prior to installation and inspect work upon completion. We require all general contractors provide insurance for all subcontractors and make sure all building and crane permits are issued and posted prior to the start of construction. We coordinate marketing-oriented site walks with prospective licensees. We audit and review existing leases and equipment installation.

Loading Capacity: After the work outlined in the above sections is completed, we will conduct a general site engineering review and provide a physical description of the loading capacity of the rooftop. Wherever possible, we try to improve the loading capacity of the property. We will determine whether or not the site can accommodate additional users by the inclusion of rooftop shelters.

Negotiate Work Letters: The work letter for construction specifications is a critical component when negotiating a lease. We will demand the use of the proper equipment and specifications for optimum design and maximum revenue. Under our supervision, your assets will be protected. We continually monitor the work letter during construction to make sure that what is specified is completed on the job in compliance with local building codes.