"...you are probably entitled to some compensation"

Many of our clients have received requests from the carriers regarding the installation of additional equipment onto the leased cell site.

Often, these letters simply seek to inform the landlord that equipment installations, modifications or replacements will be made. These modifications are not necessarily allowed under your lease agreement. In fact, unless specifically spelled out that equipment modifications, replacements and installations may be made without compensation, you are probably entitled to some compensation. Let us help inform you of your rights to ensure that no money is being left on the table.

When you negotiate the cell site lease expansion, you must also be careful not to ask for more than is reasonable for the lease area expansion because by doing so, you may cause the carrier to explore other locations or simply choose to not upgrade the particular site. Determining the appropriate rent for an expansion is not an easy task, but AirWave Strategies has the advantage of having assisted other property owners with similar evaluations.

What we will do for you:

Review the Lease: We will evaluate the terms and language of your current lease and any proposed amendments to determine what your rights and obligations are (including the right to compensation), and explain the real-world effect that any proposed changes will have on you.

Audit your Cell Site: We will review your cell site based on “uniqueness” to determine the feasibility and costs associated with the proposed cell site expansions and modifications. This analysis will include an investigation of zoning regulations, tenants and usage, equipment allowances and expected profit flow to the Lessor.

Provide Recommendations: Using comparable lease rates data, we will determine the change in present and future value of your lease as a result of the proposed modifications, and recommend favorable lease terms, including applicable rent escalation and possible extensions to the duration of your lease. We’ll also let you know what fees, if any, should be charged for expanding the footprint of your lease.