"...we know the cellular carriers requirements"

We develop marketing plans, using the knowledge we’ve gained in managing building rooftops and towers over many years.

And, having previously performed site acquisition services, we know the cellular carriers requirements.

The cell site selection process is a locally driven business - meaning that decisions are made in local communities throughout the country. We only take on those properties that we feel will have a likelihood of being successfully leased by carriers.

Sample map, showing sites we are marketing to potential tenants.

Sample map, showing sites we are marketing to potential tenants.

What we will do for you:

Create a Brochure: We start by preparing a brochure for each managed property that includes all of the vital information that a telecommunications user needs to make an informed decision, including your building's location with respect to surrounding terrain and existing coverage.

Direct Marketing: Unlike other companies that say that they will market your site location and then simply put it on a list that they share with the carriers, we will directly call representatives from the carriers in your area.

Add Your Property to Our Map & Lists: We work directly with companies who are in the process of designing and installing their cellular networks in your area. Your site will go directly onto our map which we put in front of the cellular carriers looking to improve their coverage in your area.

We routinely send site lists and maps to engineering companies, wireless carriers, and Radio Frequency engineers. Each agent that comes to one of our sites is given our complete list of sites and maps, which creates a synergy that builds on itself.

Advertise Your Site in Trade Publications: This advertising, coupled with our extensive network of contacts in the land mobile radio industry will result in immediate and broad exposure of your new property. Don't wait for opportunity to come knocking on your door. Let us actively market your site.