"This is the point when an owner needs to be very careful."

After managing telecom sites for over 20 years, we know that usually, the lowest-bidding contractor will be selected by a cellular company to complete the construction of the cell site on your property.

This is the point when an owner needs to be very careful.

Subcontractors interests are not always aligned with a property owner’s best interests. A subcontractors objective is to complete the work as quickly and as cheaply as possible in order to maximize their revenue.

Subcontractors hired by the cellular company to use their judgment while installing extremely heavy equipment at your property. In most cases, people reside or work directly under the cellular equipment platform. If you cell site is not built correctly, problems might arise which will cost you money in the long run.

What we will do for you:

We will oversee the entire construction process from developing lease exhibits to constructing the cell site.

Develop lease exhibits for a building permit: After you sign a wireless carrier lease agreement, the proposed construction will be negotiated into your lease exhibits. The next phase is to file for a building permit with the local municipality. We will help you develop the documentation you need in order to get the building permit.

Conduct a bid walk-through: Once the permit is issued, the next step is to conduct a bid walk-through with the various subcontractors that competitively bid on each cellular installation.

Supervise and Monitor: We will provide an experienced construction supervisor to be your extra pair of eyes on the project. We protect your property and make sure that inexperienced or bad contractors are not allowed to ruin it.

We ensure that workers are practicing safe work procedures, are properly insured, are not taking shortcuts, and that they complete the project in accordance with the building construction drawings which are filed with the local municipalities. We will supervise and monitor all phases of the communication and antenna construction, installation and maintenance across all of your sites under development.

Customize Installations: We will look at each installation and customize the installations to suit the specific types of equipment and buildings.

Coordinate with Building Management: We coordinate all construction work with building management to prevent any interruption of your existing business.

Recommend Programs: We will recommend and where necessary, implement maintenance programs, security alarm systems, and card identification programs in order to provide ongoing monitoring of the facility.